PORTAL's Early Access period has started

PORTAL's Early Access period has started


Thank you for your interest in or early use of PORTAL. We’ve been in the very early phases for some time, and are ready for you to sign up if you haven’t — or invite your community in if you’ve been waiting to.

Over the next few months, we’ll be improving the platform and expanding the feature set. If you’d like to be part of the early group, you’re welcome to create your portal now.


You can log in, set up, and customize your portal for free. If you’d like to open it up to your community, you’ll need to buy a PORTAL Early Access Pass and activate it in your PORTAL account. This will allow your community to sign in on the login page. These passes cover your subscription for 6 months from activation date.

We’ll be releasing final pricing as the early access period goes on, but it will most likely be based on the size of your community and be somewhere between 0.1-0.25Ξ/month. I know it’s hard to commit to a product without knowing final pricing (not that any pricing is “final”), but all I can say is I’ll make sure Early Access Pass holders are taken care of.

There are 100 passes available for the first cohort. As the platform matures, we’ll be minting more.


As of today, you can turn on and use:

  • Owner syncing for a single contract
  • User Profiles (Mailing addresses, social media accounts, SOL/TZ addresses, email addresses)
  • Owner Snapshots
  • Giveaway Registration
  • Events calendar
  • Token-gated blog
  • Token-gated wiki v1
  • Private, token-gated Calendar Feeds

Near term additions:

  • Pick winners for giveaway and post winner message to Discord
  • Discord role assignment
  • Multi-contract

If you need a reminder of what PORTAL is or how it works, watch this video.

Join the Discord

This product will only get better if you tell us what's missing. The best way to do that is in our brand new Discord server. Jump in by clicking the button below!

Expect Bugs

This is early beta software. You're going to hit bugs, and that's how the software will improve. Just let us know what's going on and we'll get it fixed.

Warning, there's currently a weird re-direct bug for some contracts when setting up a new portal. If this happens, just let us know!

Go tinker!

Go check it out, and don't be shy with feedback!